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Rob Pacchiarotti

Rob is a recently retired Law Enforcement officer who has over 27 years of experience and served as an Instructor for all ages. While  working, Rob served as an in house Instructor for his agency for nearly all law enforcement related topics, such as Firearms, Driving, and Defensive Tactics. Additionally, Rob provided instruction on safety topics while serving as a D.A.R.E. Officer, career instruction while serving as the Executive Advisor of the agency’s Explorer Program, and community education through many Crime Prevention presentations.

Currently, Rob serves as an instructor for a local Law Enforcement Academy and certified through F.D.L.E. as not only a General Instructor, but as a High Liability Instructor for Firearms, Driving, and Defensive Tactics. Rob also holds his NRA Instructor designations as both a Law Enforcement Instructor and a Civilian Instructor with the following Designations:

Law Enforcement Instructor for Patrol Rifle and Hand Gun/Shot Gun

Civilian Instructor for Home Firearms Safety, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home and as a range Safety Officer. Rob just completed training as an instructor for the NRA’s crime prevention program Refuse To Be A Victim.

Rob founded Red Shirt Training to share the knowledge and skills obtained during his law enforcement career to help others better understand the proper use and safe handling of firearms, not for just protection but also as a sport.