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Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (H.R. 218) Qualification

  • Red Shirt Training, Inc. has instructors on staff who meet the qualifications for qualifying those under LEOSA, commonly known as H.R. 218 Qualification. The course of fire is the FDLE 40-round qualification course.
  • Qualification card will be presented to those who achieve a qualifying score of at 80% or 32 out of 40 rounds.

What You Need To Know Before Qualifying

  • Qualifications will be at the Gold and Pawn’d Range. located at 5224 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609. Registration forms will be supplied at that time. See the Training link to preregister for qualifications.
  • When arriving for class, please have your driver’s license AND your agency retiree identification card available, as a copy of each will be needed for our records.
  • The course consists of a LEOSA familiarization breifing followed by an opportunity to qualify under FDLE’s qualification course of fire. The course is timed and requires a total of 40 rounds, Minimum Score of 80% or 32 of 40 rounds in the scoring area.
  • Participants must provide (Unloaded) Firearm capable of holding 5 or more rounds, two magazines or two speed loaders, holster and ammunition (Factory ammo No Reloads) a baseball style cap or hat with a brim and must have protective eye and ear wear.
  • Red Shirt Training, Inc. and its partners range rules and policies will be in effect and followed by each participant prior to qualification. The Range Master’s determination will be the final authority for all issues of safety, scoring and equipment. Any weapon, holster, ammunition, or related equipment found unsafe for qualification will be prohibited on the range. Participants are allowed up to two weapon malfunctions during the qualification round and only two attempts to qualify. Remedial training will not be provided, but can be available for an additional charge.
  • Red Shirt Training, Inc. will provide the targets for qualification.
  • The cost of the qualification is $50.00 payable to Red Shirt Training, Inc. This covers either a semi-auto pistol and/or a revolver. A range fee up to $15.00 will also be applied and will be paid to the operator of the range.

Qualification Dates

All qualifications start at 9am, you must be there by 9am to register. No one will be accepted on qualifications have begun. 

  • August 10, 2017
  • August 24, 2017
  • September 7, 2017
  • September 21, 2017
  • More dates to be announced